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Guide on how to apply for certification services and what to do next

опубліковано 04 October 2023 року, 09:44

        Guide on how to apply for certification services and what to do next

Certification services for seafarers are officially launched within the Diia portal. See how the qualification documents are drawn up online and what should be done to obtain their original of state sample form at the Shipping Administration.

Follow the link https://bit.ly/3Re8YuL to submit an application for the issue or revalidation of a rank/qualification.

Register or log in to the Diia portal with a digital signature. Next, fill out the online application and attach appropriate documents signed with your digital signature.

After the application is reviewed by the State Qualification Commission for Seafarers (SQCS), the results of consideration are sent to the email and the personal account of a user.

Nota bene: If the user has not received a decision within 5 days, there is no need to resubmit the application. This indicates that the seafarer's application is under consideration and will be received by the seafarer shortly.

Further, the original qualification document is signed by an authorized representative of the Shipping Administration, who also requires time to enter the relevant data with regard to the respective document.

Following this, seafarers or their representatives can receive the original qualification document from either the Kyiv office (14 Beresteiskyi Ave.) or the Odesa office (4 Uspenska St.).

In order to obtain a qualification document, the following items are required:

  • 3.5 x 4.5 cm photo of a seafarer;
  • receipt of payment for the qualification document form;
  • for rank confirmation, original qualification documents that shall be returned to the Shipping Administration;
  • original power of attorney along with a notarized copy if the process is carried out through a representative.

When receiving qualification documents, the seafarer's representatives must also show their passports.

The electronic copy of the qualification document appears in the personal account on the Diia portal immediately after signing by an authorized representative of the Shipping Administration.

The following qualification documents can now be issued via the Diia portal:

  • certificates of competency and endorsements of master, chief mate, officer in charge of a navigational watch, radio operator (general/restricted), chief engineer officer, second engineer officer of ships with main engine of any propulsion power, officer in charge of an engineering watch;
  • certificates of proficiency in advanced training for oil, liquified gas or chemical tanker cargo operations as well as certificates of proficiency in basic training for oil, chemical or liquified gas tanker cargo operations.

The list is not exhaustive at the moment but includes those ranks and qualification documents that have been tested and are available for a wide range of Diia Portal users. The current list will be expanded and will soon include all possible options.